Is There Anybody Out There?

Hey Crooked Key Podcast fans, I’m inviting everyone to put on your foil caps and join Jenni and me this month as we discuss aliens. This first week, we’re looking at The Government and UFOs. I had no idea about all the recent happenings in the area of UFOs in the United States. It’s fascinating. We look at topics including Navy pilots, Bob Lazar, and Tom DeLonge’s company, “To the Stars…Academy of Arts & Science”. Yep, that’s the same Tom DeLonge formerly of Blink- 182.

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We’d love you to be a part of the podcast discussion. You can do this by following this website or joining any of our social media sites listed on our home page. We might share what you have to say (if it’s not too harsh). You may not get a lot of traffic from us, as we’re a new podcast, but you’ll get a lot of love from Jenni and me. That’s a promise.

We’ll try to post new episodes from the podcast every Thursday morning unless there are so many ‘um’ hesitations that Jenni needs an extra day to edit. She did figure a way to balance our sound this week. We get better every episode! Listen, and all this will make sense, but remember, the language can be a little salty at times so you may not want to listen with all your young ones.

The question this month is, Is Anyone Out There? That can be taken two ways. 1) Is anyone listening to us? We sure hope so. 2)Is there alien life out there? Listen, and we’ll let you know what we think.

Thanks for your support!

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