How Much Proof do We Need?

First, I want to say I believe that, with such a vast universe, other life forms exist. I haven’t met any of them, but I wouldn’t mind a close encounter of the third kind if I could be home by dinner.

In our last episode, we talked about the Navy pilots on the east and west coasts who have definitely spotted something ‘unidentified’ on radar. They even have video that you can watch. There certainly is something flying around in our airspace, and we, of course, wonder the origins of these crafts. We aren’t privy to any technology that does the things that these crafts do, but does that mean they aren’t from earth? I don’t know. We talked about Bob Lazar, and if you believe him, then the United States has studied many crafts from outer space for a long time. The problem is, after looking into his history, I didn’t find him to be credible.

Jenni and I research our subjects but, let’s face it, we will run across topics where there are no clear answers, and that’s why there is no scientific proof, and that’s why it’s called paranormal. We love this stuff. We will continue to give our opinions and we hope to hear your ideas. Chances are, we are not all going to agree.

This week we look at two abduction cases. I had no idea the number of people claiming to be abducted. I’ve never met an abductee. The information is fascinating. If aliens are coming to earth, the unanswered question always remains, “Why are these advanced beings interested in a less intelligent life form?” Jenni and I take a crack at the question. We may not have all the answers, but we try to keep the discussion humorous. Come visit and join the fun as we discuss the paranormal.

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