Why Didn’t the Aliens Abduct Carl Sagan?


Alien Abductions were quite the rage in the 1990s. The question raised by many was, “Why aren’t aliens abducting people who can help with their cause?” Their cause seemed to be to protect us from our misguided use of nuclear weapons.

Over 4 million abductions have been reported, yet we have no proof. In this, the day of the smart phone, why has no one snapped a picture? My phone is always close at hand for shots of aliens or ghosts or even the illusive Big Foot. All we’re asking for is a little indesputeable proof. Of course, then the topic wouldn’t be paranormal and Jenni and I wouldn’t be discussing it. 

I can think of some valid reasons for people reporting they are abducted. I didn’t finish my report that’s due today because I was in an alien craft last night or I lost time when I was suppose to be feeding your goldfish-Sorry Lil’ Nemo died.

Last week, Jenni and I only scratched the surface on the abduction topic. If you didn’t see the episode, click the “Subscribe to TCKP’ link on the right (or the bottom on your phone) and find  Episode 5, Aliens Posing People and Abductee Art. We looked into the Allagash Abduction and the Mary Oscarson abductions. Neither of the hosts were convinced of these stories, but we certainly would love to hear what you have to say.

Tomorrow, we talk about UFO origin theories. Jenni looks outside our universe for the answer and I look inside our earth for the answer. Intrigued? I hope so. Listen to tomorrow’s episode as we conclude our Alien/UFO discussion.

Murder March is coming up and we’ll be looking at deaths related to the paranormal. We have some creepy tales to share. Did you know there’s a chair with over 60 deaths attributed to it?  Heads up, it’s not an electric chair. Find out more on TCKP in March!

Thanks for reading and listening.


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