Not Your Normal Doll or Chair

Last week on the podcast we talked about the Annabelle doll and the Busby Stoop Chair. Both of the items were cursed and responsible for reeking all kinds of havoc. Both are now housed in museums where they can do no more harm. The chair is supposedly responsible for 6o plus deaths. Annabelle did things that a doll should never do-like walk and climb on people.

Listen to last week’s podcast to hear the whole story.

This is how I remember Raggedy Ann. Nothing like the Annabelle doll.

During our second week of Murder March, we look at two haunted locations. The episode is available March 12th. The first location is the Cecil Hotel aka Stay on Main and the second is the exclusive Manhattan Dakota Building. This place served as a home to many stars including, Roberta Flack, Lauren Bacall, Judy Garland, and Joe Namath. Now, it serves as home to many ghosts.

Come listen to the stories of these historic buildings with us. I guarantee nobody tells the stories exactly like we do. We always add a dose of funny.

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