The First Witness is A Ghost

Today, Thursday, March 26th, Jenni and I are talking about ghosts that solve their own murders. You’re not safe from the dead.

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Teresita Basa and her murderer, Allan Showery

Here’s a little information about the cases.

Allan Showery didn’t get much money from the robbery of Teresita Basa, but he thought he got away with it. He was wrong. Teresita refused to rest until Allan was found guilty. That’s our first story.

The second story is about the Greenbrier Ghost. This young lady knew where you go when you need a little help. You talk to mother, even from the grave. Learn how the Greenbrier Ghost communicated with her mom to solve her murder.

Elva Zona Heaster, the Greenbrier Ghost

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We just want you to listen. Hope you enjoy the podcast.

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