What do you really want to know about us?


Let’s start with Jenni. She never slows down. Jenni works full-time, while raising her son and daughter (soccer, diapers, lack of sleep, you know), and hosting a podcast with her crazy Aunt Karen. Jenni lets her eclectic, creative side out of the box with this podcast. Funny comes naturally, especially with her family, but now she shares her humor and love of the paranormal with the world.


Karen (that would be me) fancies herself a bit of a writer. After a lot (a whole lot) of years of marriage, she is flying solo and ready to do things she’s been dreaming about for years- starting with this podcast. She writes a bit and spend loads of time doing research for the podcast. She always has pages and pages of notes in front of her when podcasting, because she’s a little insecure. And on top of that, she isn’t sure she likes the sound of her own voice –  but she has lots to say about the paranormal.

We hope you’ll join us for the journey of The Crooked Key Podcast!

(Is it weird to talk about yourself in the third person?)

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